static1-squarespaceFreight Brokerage is the arrangement of freight between a company needing shipping services and an authorized motor carrier. To best serve our customer’s needs all Shippers and 3PLs will be a customer of our brokerage arm LTS Logistics.




Sprinter and Cargo vans are a great option for freight ranging from a 5 lb box up to 3 pallets weighing 2,500 pounds., LTS can get your freight moved fast and efficiently to where you need it the most. The use of straight trucks can move heavier shipments up to 14 pallets. If a dock high option is needed but you do not need a full van, this is the ideal class of vehicle. Full dry van loads consist of a trailer for your exclusive use with a capacity up to 44,000 pounds and 26 pallets. LTS Logistics also offers a power only option if requested.