The term Hot Shot – or hotshot delivery – comes from the welding of a machine part which is instantly thrown onto a truck for delivery while it is still hot. Although the term is not as literal in modern times, it typically refers to fast deliveries of a machine part to prevent manufacturing close downs.

Little Truck Solutions & Logistics understands the urgency of a machine breaking. When you need a replacement part or other equipment as fast as possible, our hot shot delivery options can help get it to you on a quick, direct route.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of revenue lost from a machine not operating or another cause of your business closing down temporarily. Our hot shot deliveries are fast, dependable, and convenient for you to rely on. With real-time tracking, frequent updates, and a company with 15 years of experience; you can count on LTS for excellent emergency service.


  • All cargo is insured for $100,000 (included)
    • Any shipments of greater value must be declared.
  • Exclusive Vehicle Use (Expedited)
    • Only YOUR freight will be shipped on each truck.
  • 24/7 GPS Tracking (included)
    • State of the art GPS tracking allows you to follow your package as closely as every 15 minutes with automated updates.
  • Secured with Straps or Blankets (included)
    • All vehicles are equipped with straps and restraining systems.
  • Team Transit (additional charges may apply)
    • This ‘high touch’ service provides two drivers for shorter commute times and increased security.