Little Truck Solutions offers exclusive vehicle, expedited shipping options. We use cargo vans, Sprinters, and Straight Trucks depending on the size and shape of your freight, to accommodate a wide range of customers. Although we are based in Concord NC, outside of Charlotte, we serve the entire lower 48 states.

max dimensions 180L x 52w x 72h



LTL (Less-Than-Truckload) – When cargo cannot fill a standard sized truck, Less-Than-Truckload shipping is an easy alternative. Inventory can be transported in vans or smaller-sized vehicles to your location. Additionally, shippers will have the entire vehicle for their freight alone, rather than sharing space in a full-sized trailer.

Expedited Shipping – Typically, expedited shipping carriers have trucks or other vehicles on standby for urgent situations. When a shipper needs something quickly, the carrier has trucks available to directly pick up and deliver freight as soon as possible at a slightly higher rate. Many of our Just-In-Time manufacturers use our Expedited option to pull inventory.

Hot Shot – Hot Shot loads or Hot Shot freight usually refer to shippers needing a piece of equipment instantly to eliminate downtime. For instance, a broken piece of machinery needs to be replaced as quickly as possible for manufacturing to continue. The point of hot shot delivery is to avoid a business shutting down for periods of time and losing revenue.


  • All cargo is insured for $100,000 (included)
    • Any shipments of greater value must be declared.
  • Exclusive Vehicle Use (Expedited)
    • Only YOUR freight will be shipped on each truck.
  • 24/7 GPS Tracking (included)
    • State of the art gps tracking allows you to follow your package as closely as every 15 minutes with automated updates.
  • Secured with Straps or Blankets (included)
    • All vehicles are equipped with straps and restraining systems.
  • Team Transit (additional charges may apply)
    • This ‘high touch’ service provides two drivers for shorter commute times and increased security.