What is LTL Shipping?

LTL refers to Less than Truckload shipping and is mainly used when shippers do not have enough freight to fill an entire truckload.  While some businesses can fill an entire truck with their inventory, others may have less and need to find alternatives. LTL Shipping allows your freight to be on a trailer with others and you receive a benefit of only paying for the space your freight is taking up.   This “sharing” of a truckload provides a more cost effective solution.  Instead of the freight going from point A to point B, it will make up to several stops at “terminals” in order to be routed in the most effective manner to delivery.

Our logistics specialists based outside of Charlotte, NC can accommodate a smaller load size and provide you with several options. If the delivery doesn’t need to be made same or next day then LTL is an option to ask one of our specialist about.  We additionally offer expedited and hot shot shipping for emergency situations and urgent delivery needs.


What determines the Price?

The price of LTL shipping takes 2 main factors into account: 1) Class  2) Lane.  

1) Class – Freight Class has the heaviest weight when it comes to pricing.  Class takes into account the dimensions and weight, handling, stowability, and liability.  A general rule of thumb is the heavier the freight the cheaper it will be to ship given the same size freight.  This is referred to as freight density, the denser the freight the lower the freight class.  Freight Class ranges from 50 to 400 with a lower class resulting in a lower price.

2) Lanes –   Just like with any business LTL carriers have a niche and certain demographic areas that they prefer to service.  At Little Truck Solutions & Logistics we can provide you several options at different price points and explain what the risks and benefits are of each option.


LTL “Intercepts”

If you have a shipment in LTL transit and decide you need the product delivered faster than originally estimated or delivered to an alternate location we can “intercept” the freight.  This means we will find the terminal or cross dock the freight is en route to next and send a vehicle in and pickup the freight and drive it straight through to your specified location.  Additional charges may apply if you need the freight “intercepted” on a LTL shipment.  You do NOT have to have the LTL shipment ordered through Little Truck Solutions & Logistics for us to be able to “intercept” the freight.

LTL shipping is a great option for smaller shippers or established mid size companies. Some businesses may not have enough inventory in their orders to fill an entire truck. Others may still be testing the best order sizes and need smaller or more frequent shipments early on. Using an LTL carrier can help them during this phase and provide expedited shipping in a pinch.

Little Truck Solutions is an LTL shipping service in Concord NC. We provide fast shipping that businesses across the nation can count on. Call 800.760.7229 if you are looking for a reliable logistics provider.



How is LTL Shipping different from Expedite or Hot Shot?

Sharing trailer space (the LTL conventional model) with other shippers means:

  1. Freight spends more time on a truck because of the increased transit (2-5 days).
  2. Cost savings can be recognized because we are able to consolidate shipments and therefore reduce the cost to the customer.
  3. A delivery window will be established instead of exact delivery times.