What are the minimum driver requirements?

To lease on with LTS you must be at least 26 years of age and have a minimum of 2 years experience. If you are operating a CDL vehicle it must be two years of CDL experience. For all other vehicle types the experience may cross different license classes (CDL vs non-CDL).

Do I need a CDL to drive a sprinter?


Why should I lease on with LTS?

Working with LTS gives you access to a dedicated team of dispatchers which provide a level of loyalty and experience unparalleled by other companies. The sole focus of our exclusive contract is to keep your wheels moving and provide you the relief of knowing our team is handling all the details, so you are free to focus on your success and safe operation of the vehicle. You will never just be another "truck number" at LTS.

How do I apply?

Connect with a recruiter at (800) 760-7229 ext.6 or apply on the CAREERS page.

What are the minimum equipment standards required?

All vehicles whether sprinter or straight truck must be 6 years or newer.

Sprinters - Medium or High Roof with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,000 lbs. or less. No dually vehicles.

Straight Trucks - Must have a DOT approved sleeper, minimum of 20 ft box, weight capacity of 7,000 lbs., and be 33,000 GVWR or under.

Older vehicle types are reviewed/approved on a case by case basis.

How much cargo space does my vehicle need?

Sprinters - minimum of 96" length and 60" tall.

Straight Trucks - minimum of 96"x96" door opening and 20ft long box.

If I lease on with LTS, can I work with other carriers?

No. Our contract is exclusive so you can not work with other carriers while you are leased on to LTS.

Do I have to attend orientation?

Yes. Each owner operator must be qualified and attend orientation. We do not settlement deduct for orientation and it is scheduled at the convience of the O/O.

Do you provide a fuel card?

Yes. You will be provided with a fuel card to use if you so choose. It is accepted at all locations that are serviced by Visa/Mastercard.

What insurance coverage do I need?

Owner Operators are only required to provide Non-Trucking Liability Insurance (BIPD) in the amount of $1 million and physical damage for your equipment. We can refer you to several agents who specialize in this area. However, you are free to use any 3rd party insurance provider of your choosing as long as it meets our basic requirement for Non-Trucking Liability.

LTS provides automobile liability and cargo insurance.

Do I need my own authority (MC#) to run with LTS?

No. Our contract is exclusive and you will run under our operating authority. This allows our dispatch team to focus solely on our fleet and keeping your wheels moving.

What areas will I run?

Our freight is concentrated from east coast to mid-west.

How long do I have to be OTR?

You will be "OTR" however we don't manage your time for you or tell you when to work. To be successful, we recommend you be out for two-three weeks at a time but that can vary according to the driver's needs.

Is this No Touch freight?

Our freight is 99% "no touch". Any loading/unloading will be with the carrier's approval and additional compensation will be provided.

When and how do I get paid?

Settlements are made weekly on Friday via direct deposit.

What rate do I get paid?

Our contract allows you to control your rate for each load. Our dispatch team will guide you in this area but ultimately you determine the rate you receive. You can contact one of our recrutiers at (800) 760-7229 ext.6. to learn more about our rating process.

Call 800-760-7229

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