Time Critical Shipping Based in North and South Carolina

Little Truck Solutions & Logistics offers exclusive vehicle, expedited shipping options. That means your cargo gets to your destination without having to make pit stops. We use cargo vans, sprinters, and straight trucks depending on the size and shape of your freight. We accommodate every client on an individualized basis. Our solutions are never one-size-fits-all. Although we are based outside of Charlotte, NC, we serve the entire lower 48 states.




Sprinter and cargo vans are a great option for freight ranging from a five-pound box up to three pallets weighing 3,500 pounds. We’ll get your freight moved fast and efficiently to where you need it most.


Straight Truck

The use of straight trucks can move heavier shipments up to 12 pallets. Straight trucks offer a dock high option, but you don't need to fill a full dry van.



Full dry van loads consist of a trailer for your exclusive use with a capacity up to 44,000 pounds and 26 pallets. We also offer a power only option if requested.


   LTL (Less-Than-Truckload)

When you need a cost-efficient solution and have two to five days to spare, LTL shipping is your friend. We’ll help you coordinate delivery and drop off with our 24-hour customer service logistic coordinators to suit your express shipping needs.

   Expedited Shipping

Our expedited shipping solutions ensure your cargo is transported in an exclusive-use vehicle on a set track to your destination. We offer real-time GPS tracking and include options for hot shot loads for sprinter vans, straight truck, and dry vans. For a slightly higher rate, our just-in-time manufacturers utilize our expedited shipping options to pull inventory. And you can too.

   Hot Shot Shipping for Emergencies

Utilize our emergency Hot Shot freight options to eliminate machine downtime. Our hot shot shipping services ensure rapid delivery of time-critical parts to prevent your business doors from closing for even a moment. We’ll exhaust every available resource to prevent you from losing revenue.


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